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Explore the broad applications of the Ball Segment Valve, revolutionizing precision control and sealing. From pharmaceuticals and chemicals to food processing and minerals, learn how our valve solutions for solid-liquid separation enhance efficiency and reliability across various settings.

Cosmetic powder processing

The Ball Segment Valve, specifically engineered for cosmetic powder processing, optimizes the consistency and quality of cosmetic products. Its precise control and reliable sealing enable superior handling of fine powders, essential for achieving the desired texture in beauty applications.

Solid catalyst production

he Ball Segment Valve is well-suited for solid catalyst production, offering reliable performance and effective control in the processing of catalyst materials. This valve meets the general demands of chemical production processes, ensuring consistency and quality in catalyst handling.

Solid polymer processing

The Ball Segment Valve excels in solid polymer processing, providing essential control and reliability for the handling and manufacturing of polymer products. Its precision ensures that polymers are processed with minimal degradation, which is crucial for maintaining the integrity and quality of the final products.

Food additive powder handling

In the food industry, the valve is instrumental in managing the precise and hygienic handling of food additive powders. This ensures that all food safety standards are met while maintaining the consistency and quality of food products, which is vital in food processing and production environments.

Pharmaceutical powder containment

This valve is crucial in pharmaceutical applications, especially for powder containment where strict environmental control is required to prevent contamination. Its design allows for precise dosing and containment, which are essential in maintaining the efficacy and safety of pharmaceutical products.

Fine chemical granulation processes

The Ball Segment Valve plays a pivotal role in the granulation processes of fine chemicals, where it enhances operational efficiency and control. This ensures high-quality granulation, essential for the consistency and effectiveness of chemical products used across various sectors.

Chemical solvent filtration systems

┬áIn chemical solvent filtration, the valve’s ability to provide a reliable and precise control is paramount. It ensures the purity of solvents, which is critical for the success of chemical processes and the quality of the end products.

Cosmetic powder mixing

This application of the valve in cosmetic powder mixing highlights its ability to ensure consistent quality and texture in cosmetic products. It provides the necessary precision and control to maintain the aesthetic and functional qualities of cosmetics.

Mineral dust collection systems

The valve is effectively used in mineral dust collection systems, where it manages dust with high efficiency. This is crucial for maintaining clean and safe operational environments, especially in industries dealing with large volumes of mineral particles.

Metal powder sintering processes

In metal powder sintering, the valve handles high-temperature materials with precision, which is vital for the success of sintering processes. Its robust design ensures reliability in handling these materials, which are essential for creating strong and durable metal products.

Pharmaceutical excipient handling

For pharmaceutical excipient handling, the valve ensures safe and precise management of excipients, which are crucial for the stability and efficacy of pharmaceutical formulations. This plays a significant role in the overall quality control in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Fine chemical catalyst loading

The precise control offered by the valve during the loading of fine chemical catalysts maximizes process efficiency and safety. This is essential for maintaining the catalytic activity and ensuring the success of chemical reactions in the production of fine chemicals.

Cosmetic emulsion stabilizer mixing

The valve’s application in mixing emulsion stabilizers in cosmetics ensures the uniformity and quality of cosmetic products, particularly in maintaining the stability and texture of emulsions, which are key for consumer satisfaction and product performance.

Mineral separation and classification

Its reliability and precision make the valve ideal for mineral separation and classification processes, where it enhances the efficiency and accuracy of separating and classifying mineral particles according to size and density.

Pharmaceutical tablet coating materials

In the coating of pharmaceutical tablets, the valve ensures the precise handling of coating materials, which is crucial for achieving uniformity in tablet coatings. This not only impacts the release characteristics of the drug but also its shelf life and efficacy.



Master solid-liquid handling for your application

Ball segment valve pharmaceuticals

The Ball Segment Valve is the preferred choice for a variety of industrial applications in equipment such as vacuum dryers, reactors, and centrifuges, where it functions as both an inlet and outlet valve. Capable of handling materials from free-flowing to those with abrasive, moist, or adhesive properties, it delivers reliable vacuum and pressure-tight performance, in compliance with cGMP standards. The valve’s design eliminates internal corners and edges, allowing the ball segment to clear the product flow path when opened. This minimizes dead space in the process area, especially since the valve design accommodates very close proximity of reactor agitators or mixing tools. Adaptable flange connections further enhance its suitability across diverse industrial settings, ensuring versatility in solid-liquid processes.

Key features of the Ball Segment Valve

Explore the key features of the Ball Segment Valve, engineered for optimal performance, including its full bore design, unobstructed product discharge, and exceptional pressure tight seal.

The Ball Segment Valve, renowned for its excellent reliability, ensures a long operating life, meeting diverse process demands with its precision-engineered, vacuum-tight seal.

The Ball Segment Valve, with its sanitary design, ensures no dead areas, promoting hygiene and efficiency in various applications, from vacuum drying to pressurized process reactors.

The Ball Segment Valve is cGMP-conform and CIP-able, ensuring it meets stringent pharmaceutical standards and can be easily cleaned in place, enhancing process efficiency and safety.

The Ball Segment Valve’s full bore design ensures unobstructed product discharge, optimizing flow and preventing blockages for efficient and reliable operation.

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he special geometry of the inflatable seal enables long-term, reliable sealing against a wide range of solids. There is a wide range of seal materials available.

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