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Explore the wide range of industries where the Ball Segment Valve excels, revolutionizing precision control and sealing . From pharmaceuticals and chemicals to food processing and minerals, discover how our valve for solid-liquid separation solutions cater to diverse sectors, empowering efficiency and reliability.


The Ball Segment Valve excels in the pharmaceutical industry, meeting the specific needs of vacuum drying and pressurized process reactors with its precise machining, special bearings, and reliable sealing.


The Ball Segment Valve of Techno-G is a trusted and versatile solution in the chemicals industry, offering precise control, reliable sealing, long-life, and exceptional performance for diverse chemical processes.

Fine chemicals, API

The Ball Segment Valve excels in the fine chemicals and API industry, offering exceptional performance for sensitive processes and demanding applications, including vacuum drying and pressurized process reactors.


Elevate and Optimize your food processing operations with the Ball Segment Valve, delivering precise control, superior sealing performance, and unparalleled reliability to meet the rigorous demands of the industry.


The Ball Segment Valve offers precise control and sealing for a wide range of cosmetic processes, ensuring exceptional product integrity, meeting stringent industry standards, and promoting operational efficiency.


Experience solid handling and maximize efficiency in the mineral industry with the Ball Segment Valve, offering precise control, sealing, and unmatched reliability for optimal performance in mineral processing operations.


The Ball Segment Valve proves invaluable in the metal industry, providing precise control and reliable sealing for a wide range of applications, from metal refining processes to handling abrasive materials, ensuring optimal efficiency and performance.


Discover the versatility of the Ball Segment Valve by yourself, offering precise control, a reliable sealing, and tailor-made solutions to meet your industry requirements. Partner with us to unlock the full potential of the Techno-G Ball Segment Valve.


Solid liquids handling


Master solid-liquid handling in your industry

The Ball Segment Valve is the preferred choice for a wide range of solids applications in process equipment such as vacuum dryers, reactors, and centrifuges, serving as both an inlet and discharge valve. Whether handling free-flowing materials or those with abrasive, moist, or adhesive properties, the Ball Segment Valve ensures reliable vacuum and pressure-tight performance, fulfilling your cGMP requirements. Its internal corner-free and edge-free housing allows the ball segment to move clear of the product flow path when opened. Additionally, the Ball Segment Valve’s design allows for reactor agitators or mixing tools to move within a few millimeters of the valve, effectively eliminating dead space in the process area. With the flexibility to modify flange connections and meet specific industry needs, the Ball Segment Valve is a versatile solution suitable for all types of solid-liquid applications.

Key features of the Ball Segment Valve

Explore the key features of the Ball Segment Valve, engineered for optimal performance, including its full bore design, unobstructed product discharge, and exceptional pressure tight seal.

The Ball Segment Valve, renowned for its excellent reliability, ensures a long operating life, meeting diverse process demands with its precision-engineered, vacuum-tight seal.

The Ball Segment Valve, with its sanitary design, ensures no dead areas, promoting hygiene and efficiency in various applications, from vacuum drying to pressurized process reactors.

The Ball Segment Valve is cGMP-conform and CIP-able, ensuring it meets stringent pharmaceutical standards and can be easily cleaned in place, enhancing process efficiency and safety.

The Ball Segment Valve’s full bore design ensures unobstructed product discharge, optimizing flow and preventing blockages for efficient and reliable operation.

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he special geometry of the inflatable seal enables long-term, reliable sealing against a wide range of solids. There is a wide range of seal materials available.

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