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At the forefront of metal industry advancements, our cutting-edge technologies and comprehensive expertise revolutionize the way metal is produced. Through precision machining, advanced metallurgical processes, and innovative solutions, we empower metal manufacturers to achieve unprecedented levels of quality, efficiency, and productivity. From casting and forging to metal fabrication and finishing, our tailored solutions address the unique challenges faced by the metal industry. Our state-of-the-art equipment, combined with our deep understanding of metallurgy and materials science, ensures optimal performance and superior results.

The Ball Segment Valve is a real game-changer. It's super accurate, seals perfectly, and is very strong. It helps make work faster, better, and sets new standards. It's a big step forward for the metal industry.


Characteristics of the Ball Segmented Valve


Inflatable seal

Techno-G’s Ball Segment Valve features a unique inflatable seal, meticulously machined for precise tolerances, ensuring excellent vacuum and pressure tightness for diverse applications.

Modular system

The Modular system of Techno-G’s Ball Segment Valve offers customizable solutions, designed for vacuum drying and pressurized reactors, ensuring excellent vacuum and pressure tight seals for diverse applications.


Sealing materials

Our Ball Segment Valves utilize precision-machined seats and special bearings, ensuring an excellent vacuum and pressure-tight seal, tailored to individual processes and product requirements.

Vacuum and pressure

Techno-G’s Ball Segment Valve excels in vacuum and pressurized environments, thanks to precision machining and special bearings, ensuring an exceptional seal for diverse applications.



Key features of the Ball Segment Valve

Explore the key features of the Ball Segment Valve, engineered for optimal performance, including its full bore design, unobstructed product discharge, and exceptional pressure tight seal.

The Ball Segment Valve, renowned for its excellent reliability, ensures a long operating life, meeting diverse process demands with its precision-engineered, vacuum-tight seal.

The Ball Segment Valve, with its sanitary design, ensures no dead areas, promoting hygiene and efficiency in various applications, from vacuum drying to pressurized process reactors.

The Ball Segment Valve is cGMP-conform and CIP-able, ensuring it meets stringent pharmaceutical standards and can be easily cleaned in place, enhancing process efficiency and safety.

The Ball Segment Valve’s full bore design ensures unobstructed product discharge, optimizing flow and preventing blockages for efficient and reliable operation.

Download detailed specifications

he special geometry of the inflatable seal enables long-term, reliable sealing against a wide range of solids. There is a wide range of seal materials available.

Download inflatable seal specifications

Segmented Ball Valve TechnoG

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Techno-G Inflatable seal Characteristics

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FAQ about ball segment valves in the metal industry

The Ball Segment Valve is designed to handle the tough demands of metal processing with its robust construction and capability to manage both high pressure and vacuum environments, ensuring efficient material handling and processing.

Its full bore design and inflatable seal minimize dead spaces and blockages, optimizing flow and improving the efficiency of metal fabrication processes such as casting, forging, and finishing.

Yes, the valve offers customization options, including material choices and flange connections, to meet the unique requirements of different metal processing and handling applications.

Key features include precision-machined seats and special bearings that provide a tight, reliable seal and long service life, crucial for the demanding conditions of the metals industry.